Must Have ACL For Tizen App On Tizen Phones

If you are using Tizen smartphone then you must interacted with ACL for Tizen app. It is now pre-installed app on all the Tizen smartphones, I mean Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z1. If you don’t know why this app is pre-installed on your device then I will explain you that. To know about this app we need to understand first thing about Tizen OS and that is its insufficient apps and games in store, the first main thing behind success of any OS Is its huge library of apps and games, and newborn Tizen is far behind in this race.

To overcome this problem developers community introduced this ACL (Application Compatibility Air) for Tizen, it works as a intermediater for your apps and device. With the help of this app user can use third party apps on Tizen platform which can minimize gaps of apps and games on Tizen. For any new operating system it is very difficult to attract top developers to create their apps and games. That’s why any new OS community launches this compatibility layer for developers so easily they could launch their apps on new OS.


If you seen carefully then there are some apps on Tizen which aren’t created by official developers like MX Player, Angry Birds and some other apps present in store which are not from their true owners but created by third party developers in the favor of users. If you want to use ACL for Tizen app on your smartphone then go into Tizen Store and download it, it supports on both Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z1 smartphones and in the size it is 48MB. To enable it go into the app setting and activate Enable ACL option. If you found this article helpful then please share it with your other friends.