My Jio App Available In Tizen Store

The new Telecom operator Reliance Jio has commercially launched their 4G services in India on 5 September. For the new customers in the Welcome Offer scheme company are giving free unlimited voice & data to new users. These days this is new craze in India, in country everyone wants to grab this free offer. That’s a result we saw many rows outside Jio outlets. The Samsung Z2 users also not behind in the race, they also want to take advantage of this new 4G offer for their smartphones.

Samsung Z2 is the first Tizen smartphone which supports 4G LTE networks, means perfect phone to use fastest internet network. To get the new Jio offer users has to activate one activation code from the My Jio app on their smartphones. When users activate this code and shown to Jio Store person then users will eligible for this new welcome offer for next 90 days.

Total 13 Jio apps available from Reliance Jio operator for its all users. Till now we have only 5 apps in the store. Remaining Jio Chat, Jio Money, Jio 4G Voice, Jio Magazine, Jio Security, Jio Net, Jio News Paper and Jio Switch may launch in coming months.

It is ok with iOS and Android users, from the first day of Lyf smartphones they have each and every apps in their stores. Now big question comes in the Tizen user’s mind that whether My Jio app is available in Tizen Store or not? Now a days this is the big question every Tizen users ask themselves, they just want to confirm about the availability of My Jio app in Store.

My Jio on Tizen

To those users I want to say, don’t worry, My Jio app is already available to download in Tizen Store. You can use My Jio app to activate free offer as well as to manage your other Jio apps. Unfortunately, Tizen don’t have every Jio apps, only 5 Jio apps are available till to date. The other platforms iOS & Android has total 13 Jio apps in their stores. But other apps are not so important at the moment so users can wait for them by using other alternative apps.

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Those 5 Jio apps are My Jio, Jio Cinema, Jio Music and Jio Xpress News which currently available in Tizen store. The Jio Cinema will serve you bollywood, Hollywood, Regional and Classic movies. Jio Music will give you chance to listen various songs from different tracks. In the last Jio Xpress News you can read latest news across the world.

Note that other users can’t use these apps, only Jio users can use them. If you got Jio SIM then you can use these services on your Samsung Z2 smartphone. 

Now Reliance Jio has launched their 5th Jio app Jio TV in Tizen Store. Jio TV app will serve you more than 400 live TV channels from India and some international TV channels. The Jio TV app is only available on Samsung Z2 at the present moment. To download all these Jio apps go to Tizen Store and install them.