My Notes App Now Released For Samsung Gear S2

The must have note taking app My Notes is now released for Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. The app is already available in Gear App store to support first generation Galaxy Gear, Gear S, Gear Neo and Gear 2 watches. Now after so much of wait developers finally released their newest app version on Gear S2. My Notes app is quite popular in between smartwatch users, it has present on every possible digital watches from every platform.

The app also supports Android and Apple watches but has little different version due to the platform gap and limited resources, like Android and Apple app version supports Dropbox compatibility with app where users can constantly upload their to do lists in online cloud. Sadly, this option is not available in Gear S2 app version due to the absence of Dropbox service on Tizen platform.


There are some other features which makes it must have note taking app on the watch. If you have huge list of to do lists or any other important notes then you can write down those all here in few seconds. If you want to use keyboard then yes you can, but there is also voice input option for better writing. After your list you can save it on the device, later edit it or share it with your other devices using constant synchronization option.

Samsung Gear S2 is old smartwatch in market but it is one of the finest smartwatch from company. With the Gear S3 Classic and Frontier it is doing fine in many countries. That’s why it is important to cover all the things about it and this app is one of them.

You can set reminder in the app on the time basis or on location basis, where it will alert you when you reach to that perticular location. In you list you can attach any picture or other files using camera or from Gallery. Also set unique colors for every taken notes so in the future you could search them all better. The My Notes app is now available to use from Gear App Store. The app is in stable version and also fixed some bugs in latest version.

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