Myth N Heroes Is Out Now On Tizen Smartphones

Myth N Heroes is the next promising action genre for Tizen smartphones. Since last couple of months this category was silent, now with the launch of Myth N Heroes you can find some action into it. The game has featured into Tizen’s Featured Category of Tizen Store and comes without any price. It is the battle between good & bad. Play along with other mighty heroes and save the world. This game reminds me popular games Final Fantasy series and Fusion Saga on Tizen. This kind of series always thrills with its rich content, and hope this game also worth it. The Goddess of wisdom will help the hero to find its destiny. It is mythical gameplay so you will see lots of new names into it.

Play the battle against bad enemies and eleminate them by showing your skills & strategies. These kinds of games are always challenging that you have to look every corner to defeat enemies. When you have Goddess of wisdom & other useful people on your side then it is easy to get hint & destroy them. You can read official description of the game from below.

Myth N Heroes

This idle games tales about Mischief God lead the world annihilation by rising egregious gigantic. With support from Athena the goddess of wisdom, you and Mythology Heroes from all over the world unite to avert the annihilation. Slaughter Medusa, Rangda and other egregious gigantic as much as possible in your wayfarer. Gather equipment along the journey to make you and your partner more powerful

How To Play:

– Tap/Click to attack,
– Tap/Click to leveling up,
– Tap/Click to unite mythological heroes,
– Tap/Click to make you and your partner more powerful,
– Tap/Click to using your great skill,
– Tap/Click to collect money,
– Tap/Click to use equipment,
– Tap, tap and tap to slaughter as many egregious gigantic as you can,
– or just leave it and let your allies finishing your job this is an idle games .

Plan for Future Update:

– More Levels,
– More Monsters,
– More Equipment,
– More mythological heroes,
– More Skills,
– Play with friends

The Myth N Heroes game available on all Tizen smartphones. To download it open Tizen Store on your smartphone and search for it. The game is currently appearing in Featured Category so you can get it from there. Play it and share your game experience with us. If there is query in your mind then feel free to ask.