New CPD6 Software Update Released For Samsung Z1

The Samsung Z1 users in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal are getting new software update. The update is rolled out by Samsung with some new features which hadn’t available on Z1 in the previous version. The update firmware version is Z130HDDU0CPD6, it is already available in India with its all features and now these three countries can get all the benefits. In this update they have added three features, first one is most waited WhatsApp Calling feature, WhatsApp Calling is  now must have feature on every mobile. With this calling, user can call to their friends which has in their friend list without spending any money.

The other main feature is Ultra Data Saving Mode where users can save most of their data on various apps and internet browsing by compressing internet data. The Ultra Power Saving Mode is the first feature to save battery power on Tizen and now with Ultra Data Saving Mode user can get double benefit and better internet experience for long time. The last and third feature in the firmware is Call Recording which is not that much helpful for every customers but if anyone want to use it then they can get help from it. If someone calls to them or if they call someone and want to record their conversation then they can switch it on.


There are some minor changes in this update, they had improved overall experience with fixing minor bugs and some small improvements. The latest software update is now released in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh and they can download it from their phones or from the computer by using Samsung Kies software. To download from the smartphone go to Settings, then about phone, then go to Software update and then tap on Update.