New Financial Calculator In Store For Tizen Users

In everyday life we need one calculator to manage our expenses to keep our budget in control. With the help of good budget plan we can schedule our future expenses and other budgets. It is easy when we are talking about home expenses or individual expenses. But it is hard to manage all the money when it comes to financial services. We have to manage financial money with extra care without losing single penny. And there comes a good Financial Calculator to take of our money & to see it grow. The financial calculators are needy in many situations. It makes easy to find out interest on the amount and its future value.

When there are only few penny then we can do it ourselves to find out interest & other values but for lots of amounts of money we have take help of good calculator. The Financial Calculator is one of the app in Tizen Store that can help you to do it all. You will get current value, interest, PMT & future value of the money. It is very critical & very complex math to do it on the paper. Instead the app is very easy to get all your answers. For example if you want to find out exact interest of the loan, then enter amount, interest rate & time period and it will show you whole exact amount including interest rate.

Financial Calculator

Below are the all features of Financial Calculator app in Tizen Store.


* Time value of money.
* Growing annuities.
* Calculates N, Interest, Present Value, PMT and Future Value of Money.
* Bond valuation.
* Cash flow analysis in an intuitive interface.
* Analyzes investments: Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV)
* Amortization and Loans. Support for Canadian mortgages.
* RPN support.
* Near instantaneous calculations.

The Financial Calculator app is now available in Tizen Store for all Tizen smartphones. For a limited time this app is free to use but after the demo period you have to pay its original price. It is paid app in store but for the promotion it went on sale. Go to the store and download the app before it goes to its previous price. Use the Financial Calculator and tell us your experience with us. If you find out it easy then share it with our other readers.