New Fitbit Ionic Update may Brick Your Smartwatch

Fitbit is releasing the latest firmware version for various of Fitbit smartwatches. The wearables include Fitbit Versa, Versa 2, Versa Lite & Fitbit Ionic are now getting the new update via OTA. It contains some new features and improvements, though the latest version is not going well for Ionic users. Many users have complained about the software issues and posted them on the official forum. They mentioned, Fitbit OS 4.1.3 is releasing in the stages for users across the world that supposed to boost the speed & security of the watch. But it turned in the nightmare.

Fitbit is already aware of this update fails and the crash of Fitbit Ionic. The company has promised to solve the issue and distribute the updated version. Fitbit has also offered 25% discount coupons to the affected users, which means the damage is more significant than we thought. Most of the Versa family & Ionic users have mentioned they are getting trouble while communicating with the Fitbit app. Some of the users have also witnessed inadequate battery life after the installation of the current 4.1.3 version. The most damage happened to Ionic users, where most of the smartwatches have bricked.

Fitbit Ionic Update

Fitbit promised to deliver a better version and offered 25% discount codes. Thankfully, the latest version is dispatching in the stages, so you may not have received it. If your device has bricked already, then the website Gadgets & Wearables have a quick solution for it. Visit the Gadgets & Wearables and follow the given steps.