New Galaxy Watch 3 Update Improves Many Health Functions

The Galaxy Watch 3 has brought plenty of essential or we can say forward-looking functions for fitness-centric users. With the launching, it made available ECG & Detect fall features for all the users. Later, in the first software update, the company seeded features like blood oxygen or SpO2, VO2 Max, advanced running analysis & sleep score. Now, the company is rolling out new firmware for Galaxy Watch 3 to enhance overall quality of these functions. The improvements come to 5 most important Samsung Health features. As per the changelog, you will see enhanced quality & stability in VO2 Max, SpO2, Sleep score, heart rate & stress measurement.

Many customers in South Korea complained that sleep tracking function needed to fix. The official team also mentioned there was error and promised to release new version to fix all the issues. It looks like there was some corners in these functions that needed to fix. Despite the fact complaints mostly raised in South Korea, the update currently available in Vietnam. Here is the major part from the conversation.

As mentioned before, it appears that abnormal sleep data is stored in the mobile samsung health due to some reason. Has been confirmed. It will be updated later so that there is no problem with abnormal data processing in the watch. It is necessary to further determine the cause of the abnormal sleep data recorded, but it seems that the problem will be solved by deleting the sleep record from mobile Samsung Health right away. Delete the last sleep data recorded through the watch in mobile samsung health and try again.

Apart from that, this second firmware version improves the battery life of the Galaxy Watch 3 to run it last longer. It is always good to have extra juice in the battery, so you could forget the charger for a while.

Major Galaxy Watch 3 Update

The firmware version R845FXXU1BTH4 is currently rolling out in Vietnam and it is 54.90MB in size. The new software version will soon release in South Korea & other countries in the coming days. To check the update manually, go to Galaxy Wearable app – Watch software update.

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