New Game Chaos Hunter Action RPG On Tizen

It is the best month for gaming on Tizen. Since last few weeks Tizen has been receiving some amazing games that are packed with full enjoyment. The games like Modern Counter Attack, Game of Drones, Tempest: Pirate Action & Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf has arrived in store. Most of the game from this month has wide varieties of concepts and better graphics than last few titles. Previous year we have big player games like Modern Combat 5: eSports and fruit Ninja, Call of Duty and the new one Chaos Hunter Action RPG would set new boundaries for gaming category. The concept looks promising and I think we need to dig it more to find out its overall gameplay.

Play as a brave legendary hero and save your kingdom from various threats. Tizen Store has lots of Tower Defense games in its lab, if you want to check them all then go to Tizen Store. Unleash your powers and defeat your enemies. It may look like old epic stories where hero fight against evil person. This one also same but with a different concept. Realm is the one which you always wanted and the lord of darkness is trying to steal it from you. Use all your powers and save it, no matter what happens. The graphics is good and sometimes it is better with special effects. Overall concept is nice and you would like it on your Tizen smartphone.

Chaos Hunter Action RPG

Read more about Chaos Hunter Action RPG game in below description.

This is the time when you step in as a brave blessed legendary hero who will rise a counter force. Unleash your power and clash your strenght with pure demonic evil. Beat the legion of invaders, push them to exile, reclaim the king’s dark throne and restore peace and order. Collect crystals and reclaim wild blood power magic from fallen mage. Buy enchanted magic potions from merchant sorcerer to refill your mana and hit points. Level up and gain epic magic powers, powerful combos, armor, experience and passive battle skill. Rise your intelligence, agility and strenght. Pick melee axe, sword or mace and make your path to glory in battlefield.

Become a god’s champion slayer who doesn’t fear death and form a league of force against the evil to fullfill your destiny. Enter the underworld dungeon labyrinth and decimate devil invaders. At the end of each level you fight a massive boss. Touch magic soul crystal runes to get bonuses in various things. Collect loot, gold, items and gems. Upgrade, craft, enhance and customize your gear. Hack your way through and slash hundreds of monster enemies! Explore the world, defeat enemies and secure a victory.