New Game Hungry Monkey Is In Tizen Store For Z3 & Z1

The new adventure game Hungry Monkey now is in the Tizen Store for those gamers who want to play one new game on Tizen smartphones. I listed this game in those few games which gives best gameplay to users. Hungry Monkey is not complicated to play, you can finish it within few minutes, just kidding, it is endless game where you can earn unlimited coins as much as you want. If you have specific extra talent then yes, you can collect many rewards in the gameplay, otherwise you could fail to get few rewards. It all depends on your gaming skills which you use in inside gaming.

The gameplay is about monkey which is hungry and he wants banana very badly. It is not easy to get banana, there are many hiccups in the root, like other obstacles and other bad monkey. There are some bad monkeys on the path which will run away before you by taking banana, and loosing banana means hungry monkey. It is easy to stole or get banana from other obstacles but very hard to get it from other monkeys which are real competitors to you.

Hungry Monkey Tizen

The Hungry Monkey has fine graphics and good music in background. It don’t have much visual effects but still very addictive game to play. If you are looking for one fine game then Hungry Monkey game is best option in Tizen Store. This game is available in store and runs on Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z1 smartphones. Read more about this game from description below.

Meet Monkino lil hungry monkey from Borneo forest that try to climb the trees and catch his banana which is stolen by a wicked monkey. As a player, help the Monkino catch the banana as much as possible and avoid all obstacles during climbing on the trees. Use balloon to avoid obstacles but beware with wicked monkey that might try to pop the balloon.