New Game Tank Battle: War Commander On Tizen

The new game Tank Battle: War Commander has launched in Tizen Store for all Tizen smartphones. The last game I covered was Hill Driver, the endless physics based game. The Hill Driver is racing genre and this one is action genre so there’s no need to compare both games with each other. Yes, sure there are some points which we have to take notice, like its graphics performance, background sound and gameplay strategy. If content of game is engaging then it is good sign for gamers. Now let’s look at Tank Battle: War Commander and find out how its performs on all Tizen smartphones, including first generation Samsung Z1 & 2015’s Samsung Z3.

You are the commander of your troop and its your main duty to protect your country from the terrorists. Command your army in this epic battle to lead them towards tremendous victory. Conquer all the enemies and force them to retreat. You have many kinds of weapons, the weapons which are most powerful & dangerous to destroy all the opponents. It is not easy to defeat all of them. As a leader you have to use extra skills and past experience to know strategies. Know your enemies, build good strategies, use any kind of weapons and destroy all terrorists is that so simple.

Tank Battle on Tizen

Build offensive battle tanks to attack, build infantry, cruisers, flames, Modern, robots and machines. To protect the country build best defense such as walls, shields and other defense systems. You can attack on enemy using missiles, plane attacks, technology hacking online guerrilla and other vehicles. This is the cold war so don’t show any mercy on terrorists and try to defeat all of them. The game has 40 different missions and all are very challenging to complete.

The Tank Battle: War Commander comes in good quality graphics and back ground sound. It has hours of gameplay that will kill your free time. The Modern Combat 5 has the same theme compare to this one. If you have finished Modern Combat 5 game then you can start this one. The game is available in Tizen Store for all Tizen smartphones. If you face any problem with this game then you can ask me any question in the comments box below.