New Interspace Game Released In Tizen Store

Do you like tower defense games? Do you like to take challenge to protect your kingdom or your people? If yes, then new Interspace game is for you. Here you will get opportunity to protect mother earth from deadly meteorites. Play the role of Michael Spencer, the hit man of such missions and save our lovely earth. He is an expert & works at multinational aerospace company NexTopia, specially hired for deal with such situations. It is now our hero’s first duty to save mother nature. If deadly meteorites hit the planet then there will be huge crisis and humanity will be in danger. To stop it take your war suit & hit all the meteorites.

You have to continously shoot all of them, not single one suppose to miss, which makes your chances higher to move on. The graphics of the game is fine enough to see all the upcoming obstacles and good visual effects make it easy to target. There is nothing more in the Interspace to search. You have only one job and you need to finish it in any way. The theme of game feels like Gravity movie. All the views, earth, satellites and meteorites reminds us that movie and I think it is good to play it.

Interspace on Tizen

Like a movie, you can repair ISS satellite and save it from all dangers. On the left side of the screen you will see control buttons to move in all directions. And on the right side there is button to shoot upcoming obstacles. On the upper screen it will show health of Earth or you can say your health. Make sure it always shows in green or 100% full. Every miss hit will cost your health and that in result comes to end of Mother Earth.

The Interspace game is very challenging, the gamer with the perfect aim can play it better. The fans of FPS & TPS genres may find it easy because of their accurate aim on the target. The game is available in Tizen Store for free & it is 120MB in size. It supports on all Tizen devices, compatible with Tizen 2.4 version and above. This game is featured in Tizen Store or you can search it in the search box. Play it and tell us your own review of this game.

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