New Samsung Patent Revealed Its Flexible Smartwatch Concept

Recently the US Patent Office granted approval for the Samsung’s innovative wraparound display technology for the smartwatches. At the launching event held in February 2019 Samsung unveiled its first foldable smartphone which is named as Galaxy Fold. Now Samsung is planning to bring the same advanced technology for it’s upcoming smartwatches. According to Samsung this technology may help customers to use display as flexible, semi-rigid display and the rigid display. Last month, Nubia Alpha showcased its concept of flexible smartwatch and now Samsung is taking one step ahead with the ability to take its OLED screen in different form and remain in different position.

This patent by the company makes it clear that the futuristic smartwatches by the company will have the capability to acquire different forms and remains in different positions. Samsung’s plan is to introduce the flexible OLED display that could be wrapped around the wrist with much comfort. The most important advantage of this technology is that users can quickly fix this flexible display into particular shape of their choice.

Samsung Flexible Smartwatch

According to Samsung this Variable Stiffness Flexible display is based on the use of electro-rheological and magneto-rheological fluids. These substances have the properties that allows to soften or harden the display when they approach electric or magnetic field. This technology is the backbone of the development of wraparound display of companies upcoming watches. Stiffness level of the display can be varied and customized by the users, thanks to these fluid substances provided in the display.

Samsung Flexible Smartwatch

Samsung has registered for this patent in 2014 and recently got approval. The company has already provided the roadmap for the futuristic flexible display smartwatch. It could lead them in wearable technology and to make next successor to its current Galaxy Watch & Galaxy Watch Active smartwatches.

Some of the images revealed in the latest patent mention that users will have access to various enhanced application and notification along with the conventional features. Various other similar parents registered by the company in recent years depicts it’s commitment to introduce futuristic variable stiffness flexible display in near future.

Source: USPTO