New Samsung Patent For Smartwatch Will Measure Blood Pressure

Almost every smartwatch can measure your heart rate but very few can measure your blood pressure. Samsung has already released some smartwatches like Gear S3, Gear Fit2 Pro, etc. these all smartwatches allow to measure heart rate. To measure blood pressure, you need a tight-fitting band of the watch so that pressure can press into your hand perfectly. Samsung has patented a technology, it may help all the smartwatches to measure blood pressure.

Blood pressure measuring is not easy, the measuring method is very complicated and for that everyone requires the help of professionals. With this patent, Samsung has figured out some way to take the accurate measurement with a sensor which is similar to the heart rate sensors. The design of these smartwatches may remain the same. Users will have to follow the only one requirement, ensure that the band of your smartwatch is creating some pressure on your wrist for better measurement of blood pressure.

Samsung Gear S4

Since this new technology is just patented, either for Samsung Gear S4 or for Gear Sports 2 it shall not be a part. Everyone does heart rates, and Samsung smartwatches have had a heart rate sensor in their smartwatches.

But till now, nobody can measure blood pressure by wearing smartwatch & now Samsung is patented for that. If there some updates available then I will let you know about it and if you want to give me some suggestions then tell me in the comment box.