New SHAREit App For Samsung Z4

The Samsung Z4 is the latest brand name in Tizen platform. It comes with many new and improved features over the last Tizen smartphone, Samsung Z2. It has bigger 2.5D screen with brighter and clearer view so everyone could spend more time on it. The Tizen developer community is now ready to take advantages of such remarkable phone (well, we can say at least till now) which is good in both hardware and software features.

Since when it launched with new Tizen 3.0 version, it opened new windows for developers to make even better apps. And because of that we are seeing more quality apps into store.

The popular sharing app SHAREit also one of those app to help share your files, images and media with the other users. It is not made by official developers, Open Mobile developers of ACL for Tizen tool did it.

The sharing app SHAREit made with all the original features to send all the important files within few seconds. It can send 1GB of file in just 10 seconds, can you imagine how much fast it is?

SHAREit for Samsung Z4

Send your favourite movie file with your other friends and show what are you watching or share your good taste of music by sending favourite songs. Are you working in a company, then why don’t you share important documents with other colleagues?

It depends on you, you can share each and everything. To share files just open the app and tap on send option. Then select the exact file, images or media and tap on send button. Then select your friend’s mobile user name and share to him. Look how it is simple.

Now go to Tizen Store on your Samsung Z4 and install it. The app is built using ACL for Tizen tool so you first get it. The ACL for Tizen is pre-installed app on Samsung Z4, but if by chance you uninstalled it then first download it and later download SHAREit app.

The app is available for remaining Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z1 devices. If you are getting trouble while using it then feel free to ask questions in the comments box below.