New Tizen 4.0 Update Will Release In September 2017

Samsung is planning to release new Tizen version in September this year. The new version is not what we thought, but more than what we thought in first place. The new upcoming Tizen version is Tizen 4.0 and it will make debut in September 2017 with the support of Microsoft .Net tools. In the last November Samsung and Microsoft has tied with each other to develop new technologies for each other and apps are also part of that program.

There are many useful apps from Microsoft developers which can help Tizen users to use them in everyday works. Like Microsoft’s MS-Office tools are unbeatable product services in the world. And if those all apps comes to Tizen then that are way better for professional customers. Microsoft builts apps for both desktop as well as mobile devices for their Windows platform. Now since last few years they are releasing those apps for other platforms.

We never expected Samsung will make this announcement so early. It is because Tizen 3.0 firmware update is still not available into the market and it looks like third version will take some more time to land. Tizen 3.0 is only available for Tizen developers to taste their apps and may be final version will launch in the month of March or April.

Tizen 4.0 Version

Don’t expect Samsung will release Tizen 4.0 in next September for all of their products. They will just announce it in that month and later it might be take some more months to release final and stable version. To those who don’t know what is .Net then I tell you it is the Microsoft tool where developers can create many kinds of apps and other productivity tools. Most productivity tools are built by Microsoft developers so it would be better if they join Tizen platform. Until now developers built Tizen apps using Linux services and Java language.

The next Tizen 4.0 update version will be much faster than current Tizen 3.0 version and also provides more security. At this moment Tizen products are running on Tizen 2.4 version and Tizen watches are running on Tizen 2.3 version. Now we need to first get upcoming version and then may be later we can expect Tizen 4.0 version on our devices. What do you think the tie up with Microsoft will give more popularity to Tizen devices?