New Trademark Filed By Samsung For Super Size And Giant TVs

As we know, Samsung filed a Trademark earlier for the future galaxy and gear devices. That trademark is for special material of ‘Metal 12’ magnesium alloy. A tough metal for its upcoming electronic devices including smartphones & laptops. As like this, Samsung has filed a new trademark application for ‘Giant TV’ and ‘Super-Size’ TV. Samsung will soon launch huge size TV’s in the market with an idea to improve and secure its position. And this kind of trademark will help company to make stronger position for longer period.

Since Samsung carries a governing position in the smartphone division but lacks when it comes to TVs. While LG and Sony still rule the TV market with the OLED technology to perfectly compete with Samsung’s high-end TV offerings so Samsung can’t avoid the decision of ignoring OLED TV’s to compete with its QLED and Giant TV’s. Now Samsung electronics focusing only on MicroLED’s, Micro QLED’s and Super-sized TV’s to compete with other companies.

Samsung Smart TV

The good news is Samsung files three all-new trademark applications with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for names ‘Big’, ‘Samsung X-Large’ and ‘Super Big’. Other electronics companies still dominate this industry but now we can say Samsung’s this efforts and new strategies may create a wide space and huge reputation in this market for the company.

Samsung TV market is rapidly growing in Europe & America as well as in some Asian countries. The premium apps such as YouTube TV & Amazon Prime Music services are now available on Samsung TV. In India telecom operator Jio has launched its Jio TV app on this TV so users could watch live streaming channels. Overall 2018 will be good year for Samsung TV in most countries.