New Trends For Gear App On Gear S2 Smartwatch

For the Tizen Smartwatches Samsung announced one new app for Twitter users. If you have Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch then the new Trends for Gear app is for you where you will get all Twitter trending news right on your screen. It is not only the good news but also there is one new feature inside it and that is its new face function. In this feature you can set your Gear S2 screen with Twitter Trend face watch and after that all trends will come on your main screen.

It could be helpful for those twitter users who always wants to stay update with trending tweets. If you are unknown to Twitter trends then they are the latest breaking news in world which are mostly discussing in current time. Well in India almost all trending news are either politics related or Cricket related so less chance to other news to come in top trends.


To use Trends for Gear app go to app store of Samsung Gear smartwatch and download it. To set it as the main face of your smartwatch you need to download another app Trends Watch face for Gear, then go to the settings and set main face as Twitter Trend face after that you will receive all tweets. It is perfect app for tweets that all the tweets comfortably fits on the small screen of Gear S2 watch without loosing any contents. To use it you need active internet service otherwise it don’t work in offline mode.

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Now all the users in world can download it from Gear Manager App on Samsung Gear S2 watch for free and also it doesn’t take much space. To stay update with new & trending tweets from all across the world you must use Trends for Gear app. After downloading it you can tell us your feedback about this new app. Facing some problems then ask me in the comments box below. The same version of the app is compatible with other Gear smartwatches – Gear S3 Frontier & Classic as well as Gear Sport.

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