New Update For Truecaller Is now Available In Tizen Store

This year is happy year for all the Tizen users, in this month they are getting many updates for their favorite apps in Tizen Store. In the first month we had received updates for UC Browser, MX Player, ACL for Tizen, Jio Cinema, Jio Music, WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger and Instagram app and now in this month we got update for UC Mini Browser and My Jio apps. New update means some new changes into the app functions or some improvements over the last version. Either it may be changes in speed, security or new features added into the app.

Now this update trend comes to Truecaller app, the popular phone number finding app. It is landed in store by official developers so they have released this update with the full of new features. It is important for Indian users because almost 40 million Indian customers uses Truecaller on their phone to find out unknown numbers. It is like number finder tool which helped many users to get information of unknown numbers and block them.

The new update brought some improvements in the features and also fixed some bugs. It is basically perfect since the first version but for the security reason and to keep it up to date they have released this software version. Now customers can use it more securely and also can find any number within seconds. Yes, of course only those numbers will be available which are listed in Truecaller server otherwise you won’t get any information.

Truecaller App Update

To get full of Truecaller service first you have to login to their services. It is better first login to them and enjoy all the services. The app later will alert you or show you name of the person who are calling you. Then choice will be yours to receive the call or cancel it. They also releasing their other premium services for all the users, but don’t have specific date for it. Soon we might use all that services on our smartphones.

The Truecaller is now ready to update from Tizen Store. To update to the newer version go to My App section into the Settings and tap on update. Otherwise just find out the app in the app list and just tap on the app and later install new version. Truecaller app is available on all Tizen smartphones, if you haven’t downloaded it on your smartphones and want to use it then go to Tizen Store and install it.