New Update Pushed for Notify & Fitness for Mi Band

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band is the best choice for Mi Band users to get most from their fitness tracker. The third-party app Notify & fitness unlocks several premium features that Mi Fit doesn’t have in the first place. Like in the last update, the developers had introduced COVID-19 function to check your health. It reports you when you have increased body temperature. It is not that advanced but fine to test at home. Now the new updated version 9.2.4 has released in the Play Store with some additional features.

It has now added sleep turnover detection, sleep mood & notes, and quick reply custom contacts (Mi Band 4). It also improved firmware upload time for Mi Band 4 as well as the support for Mi Scale 2 wearable. Users can now give a quick reply to the caller when they are busy. The option is only for Mi Band 4, and you have to choose custom contacts from the list. In the Sleep section, two new options, sleep turnover and sleep mood and notes, will surely help to get better sleep.

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band

As per the changes mentioned in the Play Store, the app revised with new Home UI, and yes, you can see it in the app. Not though many changes in the user interface but the developers changed a little bit. With the updated translations, some languages will be more understandable to native users. Further, developers have squashed some known bugs to improve the user experience. To install the new app version of Notify & Fitness for Mi Band, go to Play Store and hit on the Update button.