New Updates Come To WhatsApp And Facebook

Every months Facebook releases some updates for their all apps to make them up to date. WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook apps are not different from them and both always gets new updates. In this month too WhatsApp has got one new update from company. It is not big update if you are hoping too much for your app. It is just released by keeping in mind about its security and performance.

The other app to get new update is none other than Facebook itself. Facebook got security features and bug fixes to run it smooth. Makes it performance better on all the Tizen smartphones. Facebook has not got any new features that the other platforms have got quite before some time.

Facebook Update

It is not new to both the most recommended apps to not get any new functions. Both lacks in many features, which we saw on other mobile versions. Like the Video Calling feature, Story Telling and emojis on WhatsApp and story telling and Facebook Groups and Pages on Facebook app. Both are the most downloaded apps into store and I think developers need to release all the features on Tizen versions.

To update WhatsApp and Facebook go to Tizen Store and install latest versions. Both apps are available for new Samsung Z4 on Tizen 3.0 version. To get new version on the phone go to Tizen Store then tap on Menu Button, after then tap on My Apps section and here you will get latest version. Now download both the apps and stay with new version. If you have problem during installing them then feel free to tell us.