New Wear OS Update Brings Interface Re-design

Google announced updates to its Wear OS and its interface re-design. This revamped software which was earlier known as Android Wear will now come with more features and updated technology. The focus of this new update is especially on Google Assistant and new Google Health features along with other features. Recently Samsung also launched its new wearable smartwatch, Samsung Galaxy Watch which is built with updated Tizen 4.0 OS. Samsung Galaxy watch & Gear S3 also has many updated features and health tracking system more reliable than its predecessors.

The interface re-design introduced many changes which are easy to handle the watch. The first important re-design is in notification menu which now become more easier to navigate. When you swipe up on the display of the watch you will get all the notifications. Now by tapping any single notification you can respond with smart reply. This will not make you leave your notification stream. Swiping down on the display bring you to the other important tools like Google Pay, My Phone, battery saver mode etc.

Wear OS Update

The other most important feature is Google Assistant which now become smarter and reliable helping you in real time situation. Google Assistant will help you in planning your daily schedule and other important things. For example, your flight schedule, hotel booking, recommend you coffee shops nearby you and other activities. The Assistant will become more smarter in future and add more features with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

The Google Health app also get new changes with this re-design making this app more real-time oriented. The Google Health app will be accessed by swiping to the left on the display. The new goals for the Android Wear OS which are set by the developer’s team are Heart Points and Move Minutes. These goals are set by the team working closely with American Heart Association and World Health Organisation to benefit the users with their health updates.