New WhatsApp Update Comes With Group Calling Feature

WhatsApp app on android and iOS has come up with latest update which brought some new features and stability to the current version. Since last few weeks WhatsApp is trying regularly to keep itself updated and to make the app more innovative and customer friendly. In its last version it brought the facility to indicate which message you receive have been forwarded to you, rather than originally typed by the sender. Which made the conversation easier to follow, groups easier to identify the messages forwarded and avoid spam-like content. And the other feature was to hide the photos and videos from the gallery, to hide the confidential and embarrassing content.

In its latest update WhatsApp has officially announced the facility of group calling for both voice and video calling. The group calling feature supports up to four people simultaneously. WhatsApp said in a statement that “You can make a group calling by starting one-on-one voice or video call and you can add new participants by tapping “Add Participant” button in the top right corner to add more contacts(upto 4 members) to the call.” All the group calls are end to end encrypted to make it reliable worldwide.

New WhatsApp Update

With this new group calling feature it is now easy to the users to connect with multiple users which will surely make the online conversation more interesting and time saving. This facility is very helpful for the businessmen and others to hold a small video conference. WhatsApp users daily spend about 2 billion minutes on WhatsApp Calling per day. This update is going to benefit all these users and will attract more users to spend time on this biggest social sharing app.

To switch to the new update version, users have to go to the App Store on their smartphones. To get new update on Android devices users should go to the Google Play Store and install new version. Apple users can go to iOS App Store to get it on iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPad devices. This update is available in all countries so go to the store and update your current version. If you have any difficulties with the new version then inform us in the comment box below.