New WhatsApp Update Now Available In Tizen Store

Good news for WhatsApp Messenger users on Tizen smartphones that now they can update their old version with newer one. Since two days WhatsApp Messenger was crashing on all Tizen Phones but now users can update it to new version. The new WhatsApp update is now available in Tizen Store for all Samsung Tizen smartphones including new Samsung Z2. Since last few days Tizen users were complaining about failure in their previous Tizen WhatsApp version. Now to overcome this problem company has released new version of their app with some improvements. 

The WhatsApp Messenger is one of the largest social messenger service from Facebook. Most customers wants WhatsApp on their device, and to give them best services Facebook had launched their official app on Tizen platform.

WhatsApp Update Tizen

It is also one of the oldest app service on Tizen, it has more than 5 million downloads on Tizen smartphones. It mostly got 5 starts from users in Tizen Store. It is official app from company, but they always takes much more time to upgrade their version. We have seen Android and iOS apps always gets quick update when it needed, but never in time on Tizen. That’s why Tizen users some times get glitches in the app.

Unfortunately latest WhatsApp App Update haven’t got video calling feature. Most users are demanding video calling on their WhatsApp which already present on other platforms. The other WhatsApp Calling feature is available on this Tizen app version. It also lacks in emojis, another great feature of WhatsApp chatting. There are no emojis to use while chatting. Hope we will get all this remaining features in upcoming update.

The new update is nothing but stability and improvements in the current version. If you are getting slowness or bugs problem then the latest version can solve it. Also it is important for the security of WhatsApp and privacy of users. The most waiting feature video calling is still missing from this update, may be we get it later in their next update. Now go into to the Tizen Store and update WhatsApp app.