Next Apple AirPods Would Get Light Sensors for Health Monitoring

A report from DigiTimes claims that Apple will introduce Ambient Light Sensors in its future version of AirPods. It will play an important role in monitoring crucial health parameters like heart rate and blood oxygen level through TWS earbuds. According to DigiTimes, ASE Technology could charge with the task of manufacturing these sensors. Further, these light sensors will be useful to count steps and monitor head movement.

It expects that the Cupertino based tech giant will add Ambient Light Sensors to its AirPods in the upcoming 1-2 years. Such sensors will be effectively useful for various biometric measurements. In the current design and size of AirPods, it is highly unlikely for Apple to integrate this feature. To make this plan feasible, probably Apple will approach to a Powerbeats Pro like the over-ear design. Powerbeats Pro features an incredible over-ear design that better suits for this kind of technology.

Apple AirPods Health Monitoring

The integration of these advanced biometric sensors into earbuds may enable Apple to further consolidate its position in the concerned segment. The sensors could better equip to monitor heart rate and blood oxygen saturation from the ears. Apple poised to introduce Pulse Oximeter technology to measure the blood oxygen saturation level in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6. Ambient Light Sensors will not only measure the blood oxygen but also reveals the health conditions like sleep apnea and other issues.

Apple has a major focus on health and this integration of sensors into future versions of AirPods highlights its commitment towards the health aspect. Monitoring crucial health aspects through the earbuds would be an innovative approach towards health consciousness. Like the Apple Watch Series 5 and upcoming Apple Watch Series 6, the future version of AirPods will also act as components of biometric measurements and helps the users to have better insight on crucial health data.