Next Galaxy A Series Smartphones Will Get OIS Feature

Samsung Galaxy A series offers a combination of affordable and flagship features to boost the competition in the mid-range smartphone segment. According to the latest report, the company is looking forward to introducing the Optical Image Stabilization feature to the Galaxy A series of phones being released in the latter half of this year. At present OIS feature is exclusively limited to Samsung’s flagship smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S10, S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, etc. Now, this feature will trickle down to the comparatively affordable Galaxy A series.

OIS feature empowers the device with the capability to reduce the blur caused due to hand tremors and enable capture the sharper photos and videos. This will incredibly enhance the photos and video quality as the lens inside the camera manage to do away with the blur caused due to holding the smartphone. Obviously, the Optical Image Stabilization system will be effectively useful in low light conditions where the exposure time is quite long which causes blur. In such a situation OIS will be helpful to reduce the blurriness effect and improves output.

Optical Image Stabilization Function on Galaxy A Series

OIS on Galaxy A Series

The main reason behind this decision of tackling down this premium feature to mid-range smartphone series is to get an edge in this segment and make the series more competitive. As the lack of OIS technology in Galaxy, A series was a major drawback, now the company made its mind to introduce this feature to create a better alternative to its flagship series. However, it is a high probability that only some of the premium Galaxy A models like Galaxy A70, A80 & A90 will get this feature.

It is interesting to see that how Samsung manages to make this idea feasible and still keeps the price tag low, as the addition of this feature will make the devices quite expensive. The addition of the OIS technology to Galaxy A series could enable it to compete against its rivals like Apple iPhone SE. Samsung will probably introduce this feature in the upcoming Galaxy A lineup models such as Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A70, which scheduled to launch later this year.