Next Samsung Foldable Phone Will Target Gaming

The rumor mill is hot on upcoming Samsung foldable phone – Samsung Galaxy X. It will be launching somewhere in next year and that suppose to be next start of different phones. The foldable phone, concept is still new to the industry, not a single mobile right now has foldable hardware structure. It is the reason more & more technology experts eye on it. Many rumors have shown leaked images of upcoming phone but no one has exact specifications of it. Now one more leaked image shows this foldable phone will target gamers. Samsung will focus on gaming with its two sides – one for display and the other for controller.

The dual screen display is new concept for mobile phones, but not new to the gaming industry. We have seen many devices with this concept, like Nintendo 3DS, Wei & Playstation Vita. These are some popular console devices that supports dual screen display. Indeed, these devices are highly targeted to only gaming industry. There is no other use of these devices but only play supportrd games.

Samsung Galaxy X

The Samsung foldable phone will work on both side. It will take care of every needs that’s one mobile device completes and in the other side it will supports dual screen for gaming purpose. There is rumor about Samsung’s partnership with some leading game developers. Time will tell how this smartphone will change gaming industry or need of both devices – mobiles & consoles.

The expected date for announcement of this device is January, 2018. May be Samsung will announce it along with next Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. Android Play Store is not rich in gaming side, it don’t have too many console quality games or high graphics games. If we compare it with iPhone X & iPhone 8 duo then Samsung need to work very hard on its foldable phone to make it best device for gamers.