Next Tizen 3.0 Version Will Introduce In September

The Tizen 2.4 software version has everything which users needs on their Tizen smartphones and other gadgets. It added with many useful features which was missing from previous 2.3 update. Now for the next generation smartphones and other devices, Samsung is preparing for next Tizen 3.0 Version. The new Tizen 3.0 update will cover all those features which we had missed in this update and still want some improvements on their devices. In the Samsung Developer Conference 2016 they had revealed some features that we will see on next firmware update.

The first major change is that now Tizen will support devices in 64-bit chipset, it is very useful feature on today’s all devices that it will handle all the hardware specs for better multitasking. There is now lots of chances that next version will support 4K display, so companies could make better smartphones with the new 4K technology.


Also the another part is, whatever will be the next Tizen smartphones, either Samsung Z5 or any other, that will come with 4G support and that would be big step for them. The graphics engine on Tizen 3.0 will be 30 times faster than current version and that is big achievement for them, that means now there are high quality games and apps on Tizen which will run smoothly and in their high capabilities.

The next Tizen update will connect all IoT devices and also supports Bluetooth 4.2 for the fastest sharing. Now there is Artik cloud for Tizen users to store their personal data into online cloud. Firstly, Tizen 3.0 was scheduled to introduce in July, but later Samsung decided to launch it in September may be with their next Tizen Smartphones.