Next Wear OS Updates Focus on Health & Wellness Functions

Apple is enjoying its big shares in the market, leaves other smartwatches far behind with some fitness-centric functions. The only thing is, WatchOS has mastered in health features that lack on other watches. There are some stories on how the ECG function on Apple Watch has saved the lives of many users. Now, the survey form shared by Google to the Wear OS users has revealed something new about the watches. The form indicates the Google will focus on health & wellness features and it will dispatch in the coming weeks.

As per the report, Google is asking users about what features they eagerly want on their smartwatches. The Wear OS smartwatches have basic functions; mostly, we see such services on fitness trackers. That could change in the weeks as Google is making fast decisions on it. Thanks to the Droidlife team, which has collected some topics that we could see in the future. The SpO2 is now essential on every fitness bands and smartwatches and soon it may appear on Android Wear or Wear OS.

Wear OS Update

Sleep Apnea, sleep analysis, cycle tracking, heartbeat alerts, automatic workout detection, activity logging, stress tracking, recovery time, rep detection, food & calorie monitoring and many more functions are on the way. I think Google is very late in the game. It should have launched these all essential fitness-related features in the first place. In a month or two, you can see these functions on Wear OS watches in a future release.