Now Play Call Of Duty Game On Tizen Smartphones

After the launch of big names Temple Run 2 and sharing app Xender in Tizen Store, now developers has launched their game Call of Duty for Tizen smartphones. Call of Duty is big name in gaming world and it well known for its addictive action gameplay. In the 90s it was popular on all console devices and most gamers favored it as a best FPS action genre. The story is different on Tizen, it is not creation of Activision Publishing, it created by other developers for the Tizen users. After observing this content then I noticed that it is the same game which we played on console device, I know it is unfair to compare console gaming with mobile gaming and vice versa.

It is third person shooter on Tizen and you have to play it using onscreen buttons. Choose your favorite character and start the mission, if you want to continue with free character then you can, otherwise change it from settings for game currency.

World is under terrorist attacks and US army needs you, US president appointed you for the special missions. Fight against terrorism in three countries that are Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Control your mission by killing terrorist, don’t think it is to easy. You have to target them one by one, attack them before they realize your presence. Missions are very tricky so be careful with your health, and also use your weapons wisely.

Call of Duty on Tizen

There are many physical buttons on the screen, if you are playing Call of Duty on Samsung Z3 then somehow it is easy to operate it. If you are playing it on smaller Samsung Z2 and Z1 then it might be difficult for you. You can use maps to get locations of terrorist, it will help you when you are searching them in the lonely spaces.

The graphics and visual effects are best at their levels. The game is like always we want on our smartphone. You may face some trouble using the controls and it becomes more hiccups when you are fighting with too much enemies. Overall it is good experience to have on Tizen smartphone. You can download it from Tizen Store for free.

It is highly playable game on Samsung Z2 and all other Tizen smartphones due to its action gameplay and best graphics. Now download Call of Duty on all Tizen smartphones, it is native game so you don’t have to worry about ACL for Tizen app. The game is 88.5MB in size and it is free to download.

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