Now Play New Tizen Game Car Parking Valet

The new game Car Parking Valet is now available in Tizen Store. As its name suggests it is a parking game and supports on all Samsung Tizen smartphones. The car parking game needs more efforts than racing games out there. I can say one gamer can play Asphalt 8, Temple Run 2 or Subway Surfers game more easily than the parking games. In the racing genres you need to drive your cars in forward direction and if you are lucky and you have lots of life saving boosts then it is very easy to complete levels. Those all rules never applies here because you will not get another chance to complete your level. Drive the car very carefully and park it on exact position which will gives you perfect points.

The Car Parking Valet is new title added into the store, the one who knows how to park cars can play it. The game is not noisy nor it has lots of traffic. The simple levels are here and you have to complete each one by one. You should know basic physics behind it, like how the movement of car will affect your parking space and more or less movement will not let you win the gameplay. In each levels you will have to park various cars on the perfect parking spot.

Car Parking Valet on Tizen

Don’t hit any other obstacles, it will cause you in loss of levels. You will create more danger when you hit other cars so basically just avoid such incidents. On the left side of the screen there is staring wheel, it will move as per your direction and it is on the below left corner so will not come into your way. On the right side two buttons are there, the first one on the right side is for brake and on its left side accelerate button to move your car. All the buttons and staring wheels works smoothly without any hiccups.

The graphics of the game is ordinary and this is not a game to discuss it. The Car Parking Valet game has just added to entertain you in your free time. It doesn’t require any subscription nor it will ask you for IAP later in the game. The game is playable on all smartphones, even first generation Samsung Tizen Smartphone Z1 is also support it. The game is available in Tizen Store for free and it is 26MB in size on Samsung Z2 device. Play it and share your review with us in the comments box below.

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