Now Play Spotify Music Using Amazon Alexa in India

Last year, Spotify music streaming service launched in India with its huge library of songs. Within a year, the music streaming app has gained much popularity. Now, to take one step ahead, Spotify is available on the Amazon Alexa device. The users can play the songs using the Alexa voice assistant service and Amazon Echo device. All the free & premium users can use the service without paying anything. To activate the Spotify on Alexa, you have to give the command “Alexa, enable Spotify” and play the songs.

Previously, users have to bypass the rules to integrate Spotify with Alexa’s assistant & devices, but now customers can simply connect it. Amazon Alexa knows Indian users very well, so it has given simple Hinglish commands. Both Hindi & Hinglish languages support along with English to start the music. Spotify has all kinds of songs for every mood of users, and the Bollywood songs are full of them. Users can play any kind of song in free with ads or in Premium without ads subscription.

Spotify on Alexa

Some of the basic commands to play the songs are, “Alexa, play my daily Mix Vol 1 on Spotify,” “Alexa, play Bollywood songs,” “Alexa, play Tere Bin song on Spotify,” and “Alexa, play my music on Spotify.” These are the common commands you can use while playing songs. You can use the same commands to play music from a specific movie or song. The Support is available for Alexa-powered devices, so Fire TV & mobile devices will get it soon.