Now Users Can Follow Hashtags On Instagram 

Hashtags, it is best feature on social media to follow new trends or search popular topics. It is not new for Twitter & Facebook users. Twitter users are using it since long ago while Facebook has it since 2013. Now with the new trend Hashtags service has come to Instagram. With its appearance users can follow hashtags on this photo sharing site. If you have some awesome Hashtags in your mind then this is the best time to use them. Use the ‘#’ character with your words and post them.

You can see most searched hashtags from your Instagram account. To see most used Hashtags just tap on search icon & you will get all the popular words. It is the same feature like Twitter & Facebook social media apps. According to the survey only Twitter users uses hashtags on the regular basis, while on the other side Facebook users uses it very rarely. In that most used by famous personalities & business purposes.

Instagram App

Instagram is now most famous photo sharing app on all the platforms. It crossed 1 billion marks on Android as well as iOS mobile platforms. It is slowly rising on Tizen operating system. In the recent few updates Instagram has added many features to the original core – like Instagram Stories, Instagram Status etc. Most of these features adopted from its parent company Facebook.

Finally, Hashtags are best way to make your voice more stronger in the millions of posts. Use it whenever you want to post something or need to search something important. This service is now live for all the Instagram users. To get most of it first download latest update from the store. It is available in Google Play Store, iOS App Store and Tizen Store.