Official Xender App Now Available In Tizen Store

The official version of sharing app Xender is now available in Tizen Store for all the smartphones. Previously, developers were built Xender App for Tizen with the help of ACL for Tizen tool. Now users doesn’t need ACL for Tizen app to download this sharing app. And the other benefits of this official app is we will get new updates on the time along with the other platform. The Xender is the famous sharing app into the market and already present on other platforms. The app will let you transfer or share content to the other devices.

The similar sharing app into the market is SHAREit which also present on Tizen but with the help of ACL for Tizen. With the Xender users can send any types of files, Audios, videos and images at amazing speed. It will send 1GB of file in just 60 seconds, that is much better speed. Right now it will not allow you to share Tizen Apps to other mobiles, this feature may come in next version.

Xender App on Tizen

The beauty of this app is it will let you send all your stuff without internet connection. You don’t need Internet connection to send your files. Just pair your device with your friend’s device and send all the important images, videos or documents. In the Group share you can connect your smartphone with the 4 devices and there is no limitation to send large files.

The Xender app also supports cross platform sharing where you can share your content to Android, iOS and Windows Phone users. Just remember you can only share your content with other Xender users. The Xender app is now available to download in Tizen Store and supports Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z1 smartphone.