One UI 2.1 Update for Galaxy S9, S9+ & Note 9 is Under Development

Every Galaxy S9/S9+ and Galaxy Note 9 users want One UI 2.1 update on their devices. Though, some recent news wonders them whether they will receive the update or not. Now, to end this guessing Moderator & in charge of Galaxy Note & Fold has confirmed the update. He finally revealed that both of these 2018’s flagship devices will get One UI 2.1 in the near future. He also said the One UI 2.1 is under development, and along with South Korea, the US & European users will see it shortly on their smartphones.

It is the same moderator who first confirmed the news, and now he is saying that the work has started, and soon users will see test build. It is glad that both Galaxy S9 & Galaxy Note 9 series smartphones are getting the updates. He further said he is really working hard within the maximum working hours set by the country to dispatch One UI 2.1. It may be due to the limited employees because of the lockdown the update is getting late.

One UI 2.1 Update News

Here is the another answer given by Moderator & picked by our reader about what changes we will see in the next update.

One UI 2.1 Update

In the other news, Samsung Germany insider also confirmed the One UI 2.1 version for both devices. The Indian rep at Samsung India has also confirmed it last week. That means we are near to see a feature-packed update for Galaxy S9/S9+ & Galaxy Note 9. As it said, in the first phase, South Korea, the US & major European countries will get it and later the remaining countries. Now we have to wait for the official date of the release, and when it comes, I will inform you.