One UI 2.5 Leak Suggests Ads Are Coming on Samsung Phones

The leaked images for the next One UI 2.5 version are suggesting that Samsung will put ads on many stock apps as well as on lock screen. It is a surprise turn from Samsung and its decision to put advertisements in so many places. Ads are not new to Chinese smartphone makers like Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, and many others. They put ads to make revenue by selling low-cost smartphones. Samsung wasn’t in that race but now it looks like the company has changed its mind to grow the revenue this way. As today one customer sends the leaked image of the lock screen with random ads on it.

The revealed lock screen has ads on it with a 15-second timer. To unlock the device users have to see the ads and even they have to wait for 15 seconds and watch the video ads. I don’t think Samsung will put such restrictions on flagship smartphones like Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Fold & Fold 2, Galaxy S20 & Galaxy Z Flip. The users have spent too much money on these costly devices so it is not fair to show them random ads. On the other hand, Samsung might put these ads on lower Galaxy A & Galaxy M series smartphones, as they come with low prices.

One UI 2.5 Lock Screen Ads

Recently in October, Samsung had given us clue about the ads. Here is what Samsung representative said on the advertisement controversy and user complaints in the last October;

I remember that you left an article saying that the advertisements were uncomfortable. Please understand that banner ad are applied in order to provide better theme services to users through the development of new functions and stable service operation through advertising revenue. We will always try to provide a more satisfactory service.

One UI 2.5 Ads

Today, the Weather app has updated and it shows too many ads inside it. That means in the future many Samsung apps will start to show the ads. The Weather app is also getting the latest Weather UX in On UI 2.5 version. The upcoming One UI 2.5 version will launch with Galaxy Note 20 & Galaxy Fold 2. Later the version will release on Galaxy S20, Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10, and some Galaxy A & Galaxy M series devices. We have to see how many of these devices will get third-party ads.

Update (09/06): As SamMobile confirmed with Samsung and dug out more about the news, the company will not introduce ads in One UI 2.5. Not at least on the lock screen. It was the translation error that got lost. For now, Samsung is only applying ads on its stock apps.