OnePlus & McLaren Partnership Officially End

A highly successful partnership between OnePlus and British car manufacturer McLaren has come to the scheduled conclusion. In line with the rumors, now it officially confirms that there will be no longer a partnership between these two firms. It means OnePlus will no longer release a McLaren branded smartphone edition. The short-lived partnership was started in 2018 and since the company has launched pretty interesting McLaren branded editions featuring unique design and specs.

In a concluding statement, a McLaren spokesperson said, “Their partnership with the OnePlus was a highly successful collaboration. Since the start of this partnership in 2018, OnePlus has been a supportive and valued partner. Further, he wished them well and hope to see in the future.” This partnership resulted in the release of innovative smartphones like McLaren branded editions of OnePlus 7T Pro and OnePlus 6T which offers incredible specs and higher price tags compared to the rest of smartphones in the lineup.

However, there is no explanation about the closure of this highly successful partnership. The last edition of this partnership is the OnePlus Concept One smartphone which features a disappearing camera and the interesting McLaren signature Papaya Orange color variant. The premium edition comes with 6.67 inches display and is pretty expensive which costs $900. The end of partnership means there won’t be a McLaren edition of the upcoming OnePlus smartphone.

OnePlus is working on the upgraded OnePlus 8 series, which expected to launch later this year. Meanwhile, closure of the partnership ends the possibility of OnePlus 8T McLaren branded smartphone this year. Hopefully, the statement of the McLaren spokesperson has further scope for partnership in the future.