Online Shopping App Flipkart Is Now On Tizen Store

These days many customers prefers online shopping sites or apps to purchase their favorite items, it is now like trend in all customers. Online shopping sites always gives some discounts on their products which makes customers willing to buy those products. If we talk about India then in the last 2-3 years most customers turned to online shopping and this craze is increasing every year.

The big three players in India are Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal which are popular for every customers. You don’t believe this but in India the top shopping site is not Amazon but Indian shopping site Flipkart held that spot.

Every year Flipkart is gaining market from other players and now they have almost half market share in country. I am telling you all of this because that Flipkart mobile app is now available in Tizen Store. Tizen has some market share in India and that makes huge impact on all Indian app developers.

Flipkart mostly selling their products in India so Open Mobile World Wide Inc created app for Tizen users. First you have to download ACL for Tizen app to use Flipkart. It is same app which they have on other platforms. Users can purchase any items right from this app or add items in the cart for later purchases. It is secure and can protect user’s privacy with world class security.


With this app customers can get daily discounts or deals on some items, so don’t forget to check it on dialy basis if you want to buy something from it. The latest Samsung Z4 and Samsung Z2 are on sale on Flipkart, if you are using Samsung Z1 or Z3 then it is best time to upgrade.

The Flipkart app is now available to download in Tizen Store and works on both Tizen Smartphones.

You can buy all of the four Tizen smartphones – Samsung Z1, Samsung Z3, Samsung Z2 and Samsung Z4 from Flipkart at the fair price. And on the special occasion you will get some discount. To get Flipkart go to Tizen Store and install it.