Online Video App YouTube Available In Tizen Store

Before some days our one regular reader asked us that is there YouTube app available in Tizen Store? My answer is yes, YouTube app is available in Tizen Store. It is not official app from Google, instead ACL for Tizen has built their own version of this online video app. As we know YouTube is the largest online video service on earth, everyday billions of internet users visit it to watch their favorite videos or shows. According to the Alexa, YouTube is world’s third largest website after Google search and Facebook, then you can understand value of it on any OS platform.

With the help of YouTube you can kill your free time when you are getting bore or you are in the traffic. It works on all well connected internet connection, or in low internet speed area you can adjust video quality. We are moving fast in 4G internet era and for that we need one good video streaming service, & I think YouTube is that video streaming app.

YouTube is Google’s service, that’s why it presents on each and every Android smartphones and tablets from low end smartphones to high end devices. Even it has official app on iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad, but sadly, it hasn’t released yet on Tizen. To overcome this gap, ACL for Tizen community built their own app based on original one which has each and every features of official app.


The app on Tizen will give the same experience which has in the other platform version. You can watch any videos in highest quality standards, that mean watch your favorite videos in 1080p resolution or set it low if your internet connection is not fast. The app will let you subscribe to your favorite channels, if you are the fan of any bands or celebrities then you can follow them.

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The offline feature here will give you chance to save your videos on your device and stream them later. Now in the latest update YouTube has changed some features. In new version you manually have to rotate your screen to change angle, in the previous version it was changes automatically.

There is the way to share your favorite videos to your friends on social media. Also on the some occasions it will stream live videos some events which you want to watch. It is best app to watch any kinds of videos online and also it comes under must have apps on any smartphone, so you have to use it on your Tizen devices. The YouTube app is available in Tizen Store and you can install it on every smartphone. Also don’t forget to share your experience to us with this app.