Opera Mini App Came Back Into Tizen Store

Since many days Opera Mini Web Browser app was missing from the Tizen Store. Now it came back into the Tizen Store. Firstly, this problem was occurred on Samsung Z2 smartphone. Most Samsung Z2 users were complaining about the app, which was missing from the Store. When I checked into the store, yes, that time it was really absent from its position. But after some time when I checked it again then it appeared in its original spot.

The other problem for Samsung Z2 users were opening problem with Opera Mini. The app was not loading on the device, it was fine since last week but later problem occurred. Looks like there was a bug into the app that is now fixed by developers.

Opera Mini Browser

Opera Mini Web Browser app is the first third party app into Tizen Store and over thousands of users using it. It is fast and secure browser to surf the web. It works on all Tizen smartphones and also available on new Samsung Z4. If still you are not using it then install it on your Tizen phone.

Some users facing this problem on Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z1 devices. If you are also facing this problem on your device then uninstall current Opera Mini App and download new version from the store. If still you are having any problem with Opera Mini then share it in comments box below.