OxygenOS may Soon Get Highly Requested Functions & Changes

OnePlus’s OxygenOS will soon be bringing in new updates and hotfix updates. The company will fix issues due to the previous update in its future version of OygenOS. The company was keeping an eye on the customer feedbacks and complaints thoroughly addressing it. Though being the best value for money smartphone brand the company is doing its best to keep updating itself for better customer satisfaction. The company recently launched its OnePlus 8T in India and has been updating it frequently.

These updates will fix the bugs and lagging issues that were faced by the customer. In the upcoming OS version, we could see changes in the lock screen where you can customize it the way you want, and wireless transfer from pc to phone and vice versa. You can also take a screenshot of the selected image only, and Improved miss-touch prevention for a better gaming experience.

OxygenOS Upcoming Functions

If you were facing a problem with your gaming then an FPS counter for Game Space has now enabled proving a high refresh rate display. There was also an issue with the dark mode option available on the phone where the users wanted black not greyish mode or give an option to choose either of the two.

The heating up of the phone will also be addressed by its power diet, which is the extreme power saving mode for the smartphone. It could have dual media playback and separate volume for each app that will not disturb the music when switched to another app without the user’s permission. It not clear when will these features roll out but we are sure that these will be coming soon.