Pair & Answer Calls Using AirPods on Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5

The smartness of Apple Watches is in its advanced features and compatibility with various products. In the market, Apple Watches are the only wearables that can replace smartphones with few margins. Well, right at the moment, we can’t replace iPhones for the watches. That day may come later, but still, we need phones. One of such function of the Apple Watch is its compatibility with AirPods or AirPods Pro, Apple’s truly wireless earbuds. You can connect these earbuds with the watch to listen to music or answer the calls, and forget your iPhone for a while.

AirPods hearables is one of the best selling earphones in the market. Many tech experts have given its best ratings for noise cancellation & top-notch sound quality. If you have bought new AirPods then you must know how to connect Airpods with Apple Watch, for connecting the hearables, you must have paired your Apple Watch with iPhone and later AirPods with Apple Watch. Here is the guide to pair or unpair AirPods with Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5.

How to Pair AirPods with Apple Watch

Pair AirPods with Apple Watch1. Open Apple Watch Settings

2. Now select Bluetooth option

3. Your watch will search for a new device

4. Put AirPods closer & open AirPods lid

5. Now press & hold the Home button

6. The watch will automatically connect the AirPods

7. After connecting, you will see the status as Connected

How to answer calls using AirPods on Apple Watch

1. Swipe up on home screen & go to Control Panel

2. Now open AirPlay icon

3. Tap on AirPlay icon

4. After that select default device

You can also play music on your Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5. Once you make it default answering device then the icon will turn into Grey color. If you want to go traditionally, then you can also unpair the hearables and answer calls from the iPhone. Apple also allows you to connect Samsung Galaxy Buds or other third-party earbuds with Apple Watch. Follow the same procedures to connect other Bluetooth headphones with iWatches.