Pinterest Now Has More Than 100 Million Users

The social media site which was founded in 2010 is now reached at 100 Million active users per month. It is great achievement by company in just a little time. In the office head-quarter Pinterest team celebrated its milestone which they got in less time. Pinterest is a photo sharing app like Instagram which three college student started in year 2010. Firstly it was only available in US, but after its growth rate they introduced it all across the world. It is mostly famous in women and most share category is cooking tips. Most women share their cooking tips with their friends and now 80% women are using it daily. This image changed from last two years and now most men are using it to share images.

Pinterest team said their users doubled in last 1.5 years, and in that 70% users are active to discover and to share new things with their friends. Also they unveiled their international users are doubled in last one year and their app searches are grown 81% from last year. These numbers are not bad when they achieved in just last five years. Last year they started to show premium ads in their apps and on website for company revenue.


If you also want to join Pinterest then visit website or join it from app. The app is available on iOS App Store, Android Play Store and Windows Phone Store for free. Unfortunately, the Pinterest app is not available in Tizen Store and they hadn’t mentioned its availability on it. This is now one of the world’s top 5 social media site or app to share images, and if you still don’t have account there then you must create one. You don’t need app to use it on Tizen, you can use Opera mini or UC Browser to log in and sharing.