Pixel Buds 2 Update Receives Firmware 296 to Fix Issues

Since the launching of the new Google Pixel Buds 2 in the market, many users gave complained about the earbuds. The customers complained about the call connectivity of the earbuds as well as the audio dropout issue. After listening to the customer’s complaints, Google representative promised on the official Google blog to release the new version. The representative yesterday, said to roll out of a new version to tackle the problem. Though, as per some lucky customers the company has already delivered the firmware version 296 to their Google Pixel Buds 2. That’s a really quick solution from the company to squash these issues.

Many customers are waiting for the new version in May but Google decided to push it in June. The one employee has revealed what firmware version 296 will bring for the earbuds. According to the representative, the Buds 2 will receive decrease phone call cutouts and improve auto-recovery when on or both earbuds lose connection. Apart from these two changes one change come to media playback. It improves media playback stability for phones that have software audio encoding. And finally, it has taken care of audio hissing/static noise problems.

Pixel Buds 2 Update

Pixel Buds 2 carry premium quality specs as compared to the Apple AirPods, Galaxy Buds Plus & AKG N400 earbuds. When you install the 296 version, then you can expect premium quality audio in call quality & in media playback. The latest firmware is slowly rolling out all the users. Wait for days or weeks to get it or check it manually in the companion app.