Pixel Buds 2 Users Facing call Disconnect Issues

Pixel Buds 2 users were happy with their new earbuds and its sound quality. The earbuds were flawless until Google decided to release the first firmware update for it. Then the problem started for many users, and they have now crowded on Google forums about the issues. Google has launched Google Pixel Buds 2 in last month with improved call quality and battery life. The buds are the first choice for many Google Pixel & other Android smartphone users. Later, last week, the company has rolled out the first firmware update without unveiling any features in the changelog.

There might be a problem started for the users. Most of them have witnessed call disconnection while they are walking or jogging. The call cut out the issue is common in the sparse network areas but not in the excellent network quality. While in the trains or vehicles, it is possible to call to disconnect. Though, not likely in suburban areas like New York. Again, the issue is highly shared by Google Pixel 4/4XL & Pixel 3/3XL. Other smartphone users haven’t shared any problem yet so that they might don’t have anything like this.

Pixel Buds 2

Google knows about this situation, and the company has promised to deliver a second firmware update to counter the issue. We still didn’t get any specific date for the release of the next firmware yet. The call disconnection issue is common with earbuds like Galaxy Buds+, Apple AirPods Pro, and Huawei Buds. All the high-end earbuds are coming with advanced call quality function, so Google should fix the issue soon.