Plants Vs Zombies Game Now Available In Tizen Store

It is the maturity and popularity of Tizen that attracting big developers towards its ecosystem. This three year old operating system has now became one of the largest and safest mobile operating system, it is the reason now it is fastest growing OS in India. In recent months some major games and apps released in Tizen Store to make it even more better world for users, apps like UC BrowserUC Mini, Uber app, Flipkart, Snapdeal shopping app and games like Asphalt 8, bike riding and many more launched in store.

Now one new popular game landed in Tizen store. The famous Plants Vs Zombies game now available in Tizen Store. The game is created by Electronic Arts team which well known for their some evergreen titles. On Tizen they already have Tetris and SimCity like games. Plants Vs Zombies is different story, it is most played games on every platform. Firstly, it launched on console devices, later it came to Android, iOS and Windows Phone, now due to the huge demand from Tizen users EA released Plants Vs Zombies on Tizen.

Plants Vs Zombies Tizen

It is specially made for Tizen so there is no need to use ACL for Tizen, without it you can play it very smoothly, thanks to developers which worked hard to make this game special. In a world there are more than 10 billion gamers playing it on different platforms, including giant console devices to small mobile gadgets.

If you unfamiliar with Plants Vs Zombies then it is strategy game where you have to save your garden from zombies. You must plant various plants in the garden, every plants have different types of powers which will kill zombies. Plants should be in a row to block and kill every zombies, if zombies reach to the end of line then your garden will destroy. There are also some power seeds that you can plant in front of plants to make garden more safe.

If you are losing gameplay and want some helping hands then you can take help of game shop. Actually you don’t need any In App Purchases to complete your mission, but if you still want then buy them for some bucks. It has many levels and missions to keep continue in many themes. The game is 106MB in size due to its well created graphics and special effects. You can play it on both Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z1 smartphone, and on Samsung Z2 in near future. Now go into the Tizen Store and download Plants Vs Zombies on your smartphone. Don’t forget to share it with your friends, and let us know about gameplay in comments below.

This is called a premium app on other platforms but on Tizen it is available for absolutely free. It is good to play along with Temple Run 2, Hill Climb RacingModern Combat 5 games. It is fairly playable on new Samsung Z4 gadget.

In the Tizen Store Plants Vs Zombies is priced at zero cost in India, it has been going free since it released. I am not sure whether they had decreased it’s price forever or it is just limited time offer, but it doesn’t have any IAP system yet. Whatever it goes, at this moment it is perfect time to download this game without any price. Also this game well supported on new Samsung Z2 smartphone without loosing any quality. Don’t forget to share this news with your friends so they could also play it on their Tizen smartphones.