Play Airplane Shooter 3D On Tizen Smartphones

This month’s most trending game Airplane Shooter 3D is now let you play your favorite shooting combat on the Tizen phones. Concept is not new to the Tizen users, there are plenty of games based on same story or gameplay. The biggest hit in all of that is Modern Combat 5: eSports, the newly added franchise game from Gameloft developers. Modern Combat 5 is all about shooting and destroying enemies or terrorists, now known as best FPS game in store. It was launched last year exclusively for Samsung Z4 & Z2, later it went on all the remaining smartphones. The other similar FPS game is Call of Duty, the third party game on popular title, but no more in the store due to the loss of ACL apps.

So what makes this new shooting game different from these all premium games that it went into the top ranking of the last month. The answer is lied in its simple gameplay. It is so well created and well built for the tiny devices. Gamers are finding it simple so they can spend more time on it. Now talk about its gameplay, well, there is only one task you to do. Just shoot the Airplane by your weapon and defend your territory. You have permission to shoot airplane, helicopters and other vehicles which comes in your way. This way you can save your country from the terrorists.

Airplane Shooter 3D

In the gameplay you will not face any terrorist group but you are there to shoot their mighty weapons like airplane, helicopters, tanks etc. Graphics of the game is really cool, it looks perfect and way effective. Don’t find any special effects in the story. The button to shoot enemies are on the perfect location and works fine in the heavy duty. The blasting effects are not that shiny although good to have. For the high drama there is shop to upgrade weapons to shoot & kill fast, to destroy powerful airplanes and to earn more rewards.

The Airplane Shooter 3D is absolutely free game to play on all Tizen smartphones. For higher upgrades you may have to pay in gaming shop. After the long time we have seen one good shooting game in the store. The game is 70MB in size, before downloading it make some space on your device. It is available in Tizen Store of all devices. To win the combat and to check your accurate aim download Airplane Shooter 3D on Samsung Tizen phone. Don’t forget to share your own gaming review with us. You can share it in the comments box below.