Play Any Kinds Of Videos With MX Player On Tizen

The default video player on Samsung Tizen Smartphones is one of the best video player, but sadly it doesn’t support all media formats. It is annoying when we want to watch videos on our device and they doesn’t work, because our media player doesn’t support all videos. But the new app MX Player can solve this problem, it is able to play most kind of videos on any devices. In the Tizen Store VLC Media Player is another media player, the top video player on desktop and landed on Tizen. The MX Player is exclusive player for mobile devices, so it has all the hardware codex to run every formats.

First know that to run it on device you first need to install ACL for Tizen app, without it doesn’t support on Tizen so install it first. The MX Player supports MP4, DVD, HD, H264, H263 and many more formats. Also you can change some supported language videos, from the audio track you can change available dual audio languages. Like if your native language is Hindi or you just understand Hindi, then you can select Hindi language from setting. For the perfect angle you can change the view of videos in best shape. The app works well on dual-core processor which Z3 already have.


The MX Player supports on both Samsung Z3 & Z1 gadgets, but for the better performance you must use it on Z3, also first generation Z1 has very limited hardware and software features thats why most video doesn’t plays on it. The app is available in Tizen Store and supports on newer Tizen versions.

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In the new update, it is well supported on new smartphones, without any doubt it is the best tool to play your videos. It is ad free version comes with ACL for Tizen so there are chances we can get new updates on time to time.

It is now supports on new Samsung Z4 and smartphone and it almost play any videos on it. You may face some problems playing high definition videos on this app due to unsupported hardware features on Tizen. But still it is better than many other video services out there in Store. To get it on new device go to Tizen Store and download it. It is ACL for Tizen enabled app so don’t forget to download that app first and later install it.