Play Word Wiz Game On Tizen To Find Hidden Words

Word Wiz is the new challenging game for all Tizen gamers to check their puzzle solving skills. This game will check your brain skills as well as your English language skills. The user who has good English knowledge can play this game better than any other. I am not saying remaining can’t play it, but you will find it some difficult while playing higher steps. The game reminds me classic word matching genres and the SuDoKu, where you have to match correct words. The SuDoKu was not exactly word matching game, it was numbers game. In the Word Wiz, you will be challenged with some tricky letters and you have to answer them with one correct word. The rule is, every words should match with other words. In the end you will see one perfect word to move on in next levels.

In the first few levels you will get some easy words and later level by level difficulty will go on. To play the puzzle, swipe your finger to connect the letters. When you get the exact idea, you will find hidden words to solve puzzles. As I said, to play it gamer must know English language. The words in the Word Wiz are not that hard but some users may not familiar with them. Still go with your luck and try to finish all levels. This kind of games don’t require good quality graphics although it has good theme. The Word Wiz available in Tizen Store for all Tizen smartphones. Official description of the game is below.

Word Wiz on Tizen


In Word Wiz, connect letters to find all hidden-words. With this game you can improve your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills. You will have fun sharping your mind and improving your spelling skills. Your brain will thank you for the workout!

It starts out very easy but gets challenging quickly. Swipe your finger to connect alphabets find the specific hidden-words in mixing letters and find all the hidden-words in the list to complete the level. Connect alphabets in the correct order and you will be able to clear the grid.

Challenge yourself in this free addictive word-search game. Having fun by playing addictive levels and discovering brand new words! Do you enjoy alphabet puzzle games? Do you like challenge? Then let’s start great words puzzle game!

Word Wiz Features:

1. Unlimited puzzle levels to challenge.
2. Daily bonus rewards.
3. Powerful brain teasers for all-ages.
4. 3D graphics with addictive game-play.
5. Discover extra words for bonus.
6. You can play offline anytime.