Polar may Launch Smartwatch with Real-time Glucose Monitoring

Polar has a quite history to launch moderate smartwatches in the last couple of years. The recent Polar Unite & Grit X wearables received mixed reviews from the users. Polar now wants to take its smartwatches seriously, and its next steps could be game-changing. According to the news from Gadgets & Wearables, the company is working on a project to introduce real-time glucose tracking on the smartwatch. It has collaborated with the Finnish Research Impact Foundation on the health feature.

In this year, almost all major companies have failed to introduce glucose tracking functions on their wearables. There was a hope from Apple, Samsung, Garmin & Fitbit to launch the app on their premium watches, though they all refused on the current watches. The Polar & the Finnish research team is now working to make it live on the next smartwatch. The project description mentions, both companies looking to use smartwatch chips to track perspiration on the body. The sweat on the body unveils health factors like hydration and glucose monitoring.

Polar Watch with Blood Glucose

The perspiration further tells whether the person is under stress, and its muscle, cramping, and cholesterol. If this comes to life, then the users don’t have to use other types of equipment to measure their blood sugar. The real-time glucose monitoring feature may not come soon on the Polar smartwatches. It needs more time to test & experiment. We will follow the project and notify you when there is any progress.


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